Simplified presentation

In response to the questions we are asked and asked, almost always the same, here is a deliberately simplified presentation of the Order of the Temple.

@ Yes, we are the only Order Officially Templar, many others present themselves as such, but have no affiliation Templar and can therefore, at most, be Chivalrous, unlike us, who are the right succession: Jacques de Molay> Johannes Larmenius> Fabre-Palaprat.

Among other things, all groups referring to the Roman Catholic Church, are null and void, indeed, the Pope's Bull of May 2, 1312 "Condemnation of the Order of the Temple" prohibiting Roman Catholics from wearing again the cape cross pate, has never been abolished.

Fabre-Palaprat (1804), Catholic Johannite and non-Roman Catholic, was the 46th Grand Master and Patriarch of the Johannite Church of Primitive Christians, Tau Larmenius (2014), is currently the 47th Grand Master and Patriarch of the Johannite Church Primitive Christians, knowing that all the Great Masters were and are obligatorily Bishops (Tau).

@ We are Christlike, as were our predecessors, so recognizing the dimensions of Jesus Christ, let us specify: the dimensions and values ??of origins and not certain, that dogmatics have integrated, like the many aberrations of the Catholic Church Romaine.

@ We are not monolithic, nor inclusive, we are ecumenical and welcome to our ranks, all who recognize the dimensions of Jesus Christ, regardless of their line of thought (Orthodox, Jewish, Roman Catholic, Johannite Catholic, Muslim or any other form of spirituality.), except for extremists and / or fundamentalists.

By entering the Order, each member accepted, swear the following oath on a sacred book:

Me, (Name, First Name), certify on the honor:

* Do not belong directly or indirectly, or even take for myself the ideas, organizations of extremist tendencies, sectarian or of influence, which could be harmful for others, organizations tending to provoke the discrimination, the hatred and the violence to with respect to a person or a group of persons, because of their origin or their true or supposed affiliation to a particular ethnic group, nation, race or religion.

@ In addition, we refuse in our ranks any person sentenced for criminal or infamous reasons.

@ We are especially Gnostics, Gnosis to be considered as the tool for access to the paths of knowledge, human and spiritual knowledge.

@ We help our members to train themselves, knowing better the various aspects of the Order of the Temple, for this purpose, from the moment of their entry, each member has a library of more than 4000 pages, knowing that the level of training civil, is in no way a criterion of selection, we attach more to the dimension of the heart, or the qualities of generosity of the person.

@ We are resolutely humanist, as was Jesus Christ (the first humanist), and personally or collectively, actively participate in the service of those who need and seek to progress, we can only be effective at this level if One is formed for this purpose, from which the tools indicated above.

@ We blame those who seek to hide what makes our real history, as some would say, the basis of our Christian Judeo civilization, for example: The hierarchy of Roman Catholics, who for futile reasons and power, put off races as early as the council of Nicaea in 325, many gospels declaring them "Apocrypha" and blocking during 50 years the translation of the gospels of Nag Hammadi, discovered in 1945 and only accessible in 1995, in which we find the gospel of Philip which clearly states that Jesus and Mary Magdalene lived as Husband and Wife, or clarity, on a lie dating back nearly 1700 years, the examples are very numerous, they allow to set up a form of belief called: "Belief of the eyes closed ", which transforms those who do not open their eyes into simple Sheep.

@ We are, after 4 years of release, present, in more than 15 countries and thus compose a great International Brotherhood, clear and transparent.

@ Yes, we continue, as Knights and Knights of the Order of the Temple, the same goals as our predecessors (see following pages).

@ Attention, you are members or stay members of The Order of the Temple, only if you are up to date with the modest annual fee requested.

Many other things would still have to be said, but this presentation is as said: Caricature.

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