Become Templar

The Order of the Temple is like at the time of Fabré - Palaprat , consisting of an outer circle and an inner circle , with each of them , graduations .

We can specify that:

To join the Order of the Temple , in the outer circle , and therefore the level of commanderies must necessarily be Christ , in the broad sense, ie give great importance to Jesus Christ and therefore , not be an atheist.

Position found in the great monotheistic religions.

We recall that the last secretary of Jacques de Molay was a Muslim and that Saladin was high Templar .

See if below the folder for application.

Questionnaire commitment 1Questionnaire r + solemn undertaking
Questionnaire engagement anglais 1Questionnaire engagement anglais (20.8 Ko)

The annual fee (2016) , from a French price (60 € ) is recalculated to other countries in terms of per capita income , 30 € to 60 € to facilitate the accession of the greatest number " the Order of the temple . "


Join " The Knights Templar " in the inner circle , ecclesiastical circle, leads in fact belonging to the Primitive Christian Church .


We also specify that persons having extremist sentiments , can not be admitted to the Order.

Obligation will be made at all the Templars of " The Order of the Temple" , under penalty of immediate exclusion, of not belonging directly or indirectly, or , take for himself the ideas , organization designed to promote discrimination , hatred and violence against a person or group of persons because of their origin or of their real or supposed to ethnic group, nation, race or religion .

A solemn undertaking to be signed by each.


Attention to boxologie , extremism is not the prerogative of particular groups , but all groups, we find well and regularly , persons in the reference group , put in the same box ( the same box ) , all members of another group , not even making that they represent only a tiny part of their own group and can, themselves, be considered extremist .

It is therefore unnecessary for people in this case to apply .